Sunday, December 13, 2009

11 Days and Counting!!!

We can hardly stand the wait! Hurry Christmas! Hurry Now!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Poor Tim!

My poor sweet husband Tim had the flu, almost certainly the H1N1. I feel so bad for the guy and don't think I've ever seen him this miserable before. We took him to the doc this morning and they put him on some medication, but his condition really hasn't improved much. This afternoon he started coughing up blood and his fever came back. The doctor didn't sound too concerned, but I am more than a little freaked out. I feel so helpless.
The cherry on top of all this is now it is very questionable as to if we will make it down to Georgia for Thanksgiving. We had planned to drive down to visit Tim's sister tomorrow (Sat) morning, but that is obviously not happening. Tim is saying that maybe if he's feeling really great by Sunday we could try driving down on Monday, but right now I don't see him feeling up to it. I just miss family so much! We were all really looking forward to this trip and I just want to cry thinking that we'll could be spending Thanksgiving sipping chicken broth and watching lame movies instead of partying with the Kimballs and Jefferies.
Well that concluded my therapeutic writing session for the night. I know everything will turn out fine. Tim is a tough guy and I know he will feel better soon. Life will be ok.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Polly want some candy!

Halloween was a huge hit at the Clawson home! Going for a family theme this year I dressed up as a pirate, Kennedy my parrot, and Tim the sailor. It was a blast making Kennedy's costume this year using a few dollar store feather boas and hot gluing felt and googly eyes to a salvation army red hoodie! At first Kennedy was a little nervous about wearing all the feathers around, but as soon as she realized that the get-up equaled candy she was all in! We got her to say "trick-or-treat" but never could catch it on video.
Posing with a pumpkin

Ready for some candy!

"Can we go already?"

Pirate Mom and her Perching Parrot Pal

It's go time!

We spend Halloween night with some friends from our ward. They had a perfect neighborhood for trick-or-treating and it was fun to have other kids to go with.

Of course we had to stop by our adopted grandma Margret's house before we set off.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Party Dress!

Today we received the most exciting package in the mail. Kennedy tore through the packaging to reveal a darling purple dress sewn just for her by Auntie Kayla! It is sooo cute. Of course we threw it on her as fast as she would allow and snapped a million pictures. I can't believe what a talented girl my 15 year old sister is. She is going to make the best mom someday. She can cook like crazy, sew, sing, play the violin, and is the best babysitter west of the Missisippi. We can't wait to visit her and the rest of the Bradshaw clan at Christmas time. Thanks again little sis, you're the best!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween at Greenfield Village

We decided to visit Greenfield Village before the weather get too cold. It was decorated with over 1000 jack-o-lanterns. We had fun visiting the animals, watching the glass blowers, and going on a model T ride. Hooray!
Scary graveyard!
Riding the carousal
Hello Mr. Cat
Checking out the chickens

Moon Sand Party!

With the weather getting colder, we are getting creative with our playtime. Kennedy loved crashing down the towers as I built them. She also tried eating the sand, throwing the sand, and hiding behind it???? What a blast!

Pigtail Princess

I just love this picture. It shows so much of her personality. What a cutie!

Halloween Preview

I just finished sewing the jacket for Kennedy's parrot costume and couldn't resit sharing a quick photo. She also has claws for her legs and matching feather pants. I love Halloween!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here at the Clawson home we kicked off Halloween early this year. A friend of ours invited us to a party at Childtime Learning Center this past Friday. We had a blast! Kennedy's costume wasn't ready yet, so I threw her in last year's sheep costume. I must say that she may be an even cuter sheep this year than last. (especially now that she can "baaaa" on comand) I whipped out the old lion costume and Tim went as himself. (scary I know!) Kennedy went trunk-or-treating and made a cute picture frame. Kennedy is a big fan of candy gathering, but she's getting a bit protective over her loot. Thanks Diana for an awesome night!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Relief Socity 5 K

What a fun activity. Thanks to everyone who came! I can't wait until next year's run!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lord of the Dance... lunch box remix

Kennedy loves to get on top of our coffee table and dance. Usually this consists of spinning around and a little bouncing up and down if she's really in the groove. This clip highlights her latest move- the quick step. Pardon the birthday suit, but we knew if we stopped to clothe our little dancer the show would be over. Oh... and we have no idea what she was doing with the lunch box????

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And Trouble was Her Name-O!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to record the recent mischief my sweet little baby has been creating in our home. From the moment she started walking, our home has become a disaster zone! First she went for all the cupboards and closets strewing pots, pans, and trash around the kitchen. Luckily a few baby-proof latches put a stop to that crime spree.
Next came the "death roll" while changing diapers which led to the naked running down the halls while mom gave chase, diaper in hand.
After that came the great toilet paper heist and the toilet brush obsession.
Then she discovered the shoe bin delighting in hiding shoes around the house so a matching pair could not be found.
We have also entered the climbing phase. Already I have found her perched on top of the kitchen table (playing with a pile of push pins). She somehow got to the very top of the toilet and sat there proudly surveying the view from the summit. How these kids live to see adulthood I have no idea.
Also among her crimes are food throwing, library book eating, tantrum throwing, and cell phone destroying. She must be stopped!
When stopped for questioning, Kennedy had no comment.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hair "style"

Today Kennedy reached an important milestone in her life... her first ponytail! If she grows up to be anything like her mother then this method of hair containment will prove vital. As we honor her on this momentous occasion, lets take a look back on a few of her many other hair-dos.

The half-up bun with an adorable bow look!

The top-tail with bow look!

The pigtail look!

NOOOOOOOO! Not helmet hair!!!

The bed head look, compliments of Ralph the midnight hairdresser!

Yikes! Spike!

And here we are again with the full out ponytail! Wear it with pride my child, wear it with pride!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breaking the Silence!

After repeated attempts to upload an adorable video of Kennedy reading a book with Tim, I have decided to just post SOMETHING to break this ridiculously long silence in my blogging career. I'm sure those who read this blog are sick of seeing the same old post week after week. It's not like there hasn't been plenty to post. I still need to post the rest of the pictures from my family's exciting visit to Michigan, not to mention Tim's brother Kevin's trip out the week after. There is our week as the parents of four children and a dog to be discusses with plenty of pics of Kennedy acting like her furry companion. I really don't have much of an excuse for my break in blogging other than a general sense of "blah" that has reduced my days to dancing around necessary tasks and a overall lack of motivation. If I were still in school, I would chock this up to midterm burnout, but alas my life is no longer so segregated.
Well enough whining. I've posted something. The spell in broken. Hopefully you will be hearing more from me soon!Here is a completely unrelated picture of Kennedy for all her fans who miss seeing her.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hurrah for History!

Not long after Kennedy was born I felt the need to get involved somewhere outside the home. After a surprisingly difficult search for volunteer opportunities, I stumbled onto the Plymouth Historical Museum. Home to several interesting exhibits on the town's history as well as the largest Lincoln collection in Michigan, it immediately provided me with several opportunities to get involved. I started off as a docent giving tours of the museum and I put my history degree to good use researching and studying up on the various material on display. I also worked a bit on the museums website, not that I had any idea what I was doing.
I recently finished a project that I am especially proud of and so if you will all forgive me as I toot my own horn I will tell you about it. Apparently the newest thing in the museum world are cell phone audio tours, where patrons use their own phones to hear interesting information on the sites or exhibits. Our little museum purchased this program and through a series of interesting events the project came to me. After a lot of research, I finished the script and then set about recording the tour. It was weird to hear my voice that often. Does anyone else think their voice sounds weird?
Anyhow, I just finished recording the tour this week and made little signs with each prompt on them to go around the museum. I think it turned out rather well and we've already gotten some great feedback from the first wave of patrons to try it this weekend.
I am just excited to realize that I don't have to stop thinking, learning, and doing just because I am a stay at home mom. I can use the degree I earned and help share what I know with others. I was worried that that part of my would have to be put on the shelve until my kids were raised, but now I see that I can put my child first and continue to share and grow at the same time.
Well, that's enough about that.

If you would like to listen to the audio tour... come to the museum! If Plymouth, Michigan is a little out of your way you can also just dial the tour number. There are 12 prompts, but I only included a few of the signs. Check out our website at:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Great Michigan Adventure: Mackinaw

Day 3:
Sunday dawned bright and early with 8:30 church. Kennedy wore her cute new dress from Grandma and had fun playing with all the aunts and uncles during the meetings.
After church we ate a quick meal and then loaded into the cars to head up north.
While planning the Great Michigan Adventure, we decided that Mackinaw Island was one of the highlights of Michigan and was worth the 4 hour trip to see. We were right!
The whole area was incredible. We stayed in Mackinaw city in hotel with a sandy beach and had a grand time playing in the sand. My parents took a lovely stroll along the coast and we ended the day with a laser light show. What fun!
Kennedy walking pensively in her new dress.

Moving into our hotel room.

Where are my legs?

Day 4:
Wanting to get an early start, we headed off to Fort Michilamackinaw right after breakfast. Of all the historical sites we visited, Fort Michilamackinaw was definitely my favorite. Located on the northern tip of Michigan's mainland, right next to Mackinaw bridge, it was an early trading post for first the Indians and later the white trades. A fort was soon built on the location by first the French and was later occupied by the British. During the Revolutionary War, the British abandoned the fort for a much more defenable location on Mackinaw Island.
The whole place was brimming with cool stories and amazing artifacts. I want to go back next summer as a historical interpetor. Kennedy and I could dress up like a fur trader's wife and child and hang out for a week makine dutch oven and taking about history. Sweet!
After the fort, Tim and I took Kennedy back to the hotel for a nap while the rest of the gang toured an old lighthouse.
We met back up for lunch and then took off again to see Historic Mill Creek, an old saw mill used to cut logs for most of the homes on Mackinaw Island. Being the granddaughter of a logger, I found the whole thing very interesting. It is amazing how they harnessed the water to power their saw and other tools. Very clever!
Back at the hotel, it was time for a beach party. Armed with a bucket and shovels, we built many unique sand creations. The sand bar extended way out into the lake and we had a blast playing frisby in the water and surfing the waves created by the ferries going back and forth from the island. Only Kennedy failed to apprecaite the experience, nervously eyeing each wave and expressing her displeasure when the cold lake water touched her toes.
That night, my Mom and sister Kayla hit up the shops and brought home our first taste of Mackinaw fudge. Tim, Ryan, Jared, and I forked out the three dollars to cross the bridge into the U.P. (upper penisula) to see the wonders of the north. We hiked up castle rock to catch a great sunset and took our picture next to Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox.
Kennedy and my Dad hung out at the hotel and went for a walk.
All in all, it was a perfect day!

Day 5:
As the morning fog blanketed the vast grey waters of Lake Huron, we set off by ferry to Mackinaw Island. A cold breeze and a few sprinkles made me wish I had brought a jacket. When the details of the island came into view, I could see just what draws so many visitors here each year. Quant, scenic, fresh, colorful; are just a few words I would use to describe the tiny town set up on one corner of the island. Once on land, we set off to taste as many free samples of fudge as could be obtained before we turned to hike up towards Fort Mackinaw.
Although Fort Mackinaw was established by the British during the revolutionary war, they chose to depict it as it was in the 1880's. I loved learning about all the phases of the fort and the island in general. I am such a history geek!
After the fort, Kennedy and I stopped by the butterfly house while the rest of the gang scouted out bikes. We decided to eat lunch before our bike ride and happened upon an excellent all-you-can-eat pizza place. We stuffed ourselves sick and then rented a few bikes to go burn of the calories. My parents and Tim and Ryan started off on two tandem bikes with Kennedy on the back of my bike and K and J riding single. We played musical bikes the rest of the ride switching rides each stop. It was absolutely beautiful riding along the shore.
After turning in our bikes, we walked up to the Grand Hotel, a huge summer resort on the island. I guess it was the site for the movie Somewhere in Time. They tried to charge $10 to go inside, but my brother Ryan found a way to get in and look around.
As the day wound to an end, we settled on our favorite fudge shop to by a treat for the ride home. (After all our sampling, we were pretty much fudge experts) Fudge in hand, and mouth, we boarded the ferry for a ride back to the mainland. I was very sad as we piled into our cars and drove back home. I can't wait to visit Mackinaw again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Great Michigan Adventure!

When my family booked a flight to visit us distant Clawsons back in March, I had no idea what an adventure we would have. After a dedicated team of siblings counted down the days until the visit down to zero, the time had finally arrived. After a slight rain delay in Denver, the Bradshaws flew into the Motor City to kick off the Great Michigan Adventure.
Kennedy playing with her uncles after picking them up from the 1 am flight.

Day 1:
After a yummy breakfast of blueberry pancakes, the crew headed outside to walk down Hines Drive to the park. Along the way we stopped by Newburg Lake and visited the horses at the Sheriff's barn on the way home. We had lunch and then drove in shifts (we only had one car) to downtown Plymouth. Kennedy and grandma played with the puppets while the rest of the gang looked for a good book on cd for the drive to Mackinac or movies. After the library, I took the fam to see the Plymouth Historical Museum. I had just finished the first recording of the free audio guided tour of the Lincoln room exhibit. It has been quite the project, but it was cool to see my family listening to my tour. As I drove back home to pick up Tim, the rest walked around the shops in Plymouth. We met up at Panera for an awesome dinner.
When we finished eating, we sat out on the grass in Kellog Park and listened to the Friday night concert. The group played blues music that none of us really loved, but it was fun just to hang out.

Kennedy and Grandpa playing in the park.

Aunt Kayla helping on the slide.

Pretty horse, pretty horse.

Grandma and Kennedy playing with the puppets.

Dad and Ryan with Lincoln's horse Bob in the Plymouth Historical Museum.

Enjoying the outdoor concert in the park.

Day 2:
We had previously planned to spend Saturday in Greenfield Village; however, a the downpour outside caused us to quickly change plans. We decided to go to the Henry Ford instead. As a history buff, I am ashamed to say that after living here for over a year I had never been to the Henry Ford museums. Boy was I missing out. There is so much to see and do. I think I could go everyday for a year and still not learn everything. My dad may have been the best part of the whole museum as he bounded around with childlike glee amidst all the amazing exhibits.
My favorites were the presidential cars, the Rosa Parks Bus, the made in America assembly line, the crazy dymaxion house, and the giant train. I can't wait to go back!
After the museum we went to Buddy's pizza for dinner and ate delicious square pizza to our hearts delight.
Back at home, I whipped up Kennedy's "Bird"-day cake and we got ready for her 1st birthday party! Using chocolate bunt cake for the nest, blow pops for eggs, and a bean bag bird for the topper I think I did alright for my 1st real cake design. I've got a long way to go to get to my mom's level, but baby steps. Kennedy seemed to enjoy the cake and even blew at the candle (she needed a little extra wind to finish it off).
She was a riot opening her gifts, handing me each piece of wrapping paper as she tore it off. She got great gifts from her aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa. Her dad resorted to wrapping her current toys in tin foil for his birthday offering. She didn't know the difference.
As you can see from the pictures, she went after the cake with gusto. Hooray for her new raincoat/ bib!
For the party game, we made paper birds to hang in Kennedy's room. I must say that we created quite a diverse flock, but Kennedy loved them all.
Riding in a Model T!

Working hard on the assembly line. I need more wheels!!!

Buddy's Pizza!

"Bird"-day cake

Happy 1st birthday Kennedy!

Getting messy!

Crazy birds!