Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bradshaws in the Fall

Hitting up the Cider Mills with Grandpa

Super Cider and Donut Dude ran a spooky 10k

Yeah for Ice Cream

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Girls Night Out!

 I took the girls out on one on one dates. Abby and I went shopping and to get Slurpees and Kennedy and I went to the Penn theater to see Epic. I love my little girls!

Kennedy's Rainbow Party

Making the Rainbow Cake.

Placing the skittles. Easy does it ladies!

Taste the Rainbow!
More rainbow decorations!

Coloring rainbow pictures for Kennedy.
So many presents!!!

Blow Kennedy! Blow!
Surprise! There is a rainbow inside too! Kennedy wanted me to keep that part a secret until the cake was cut. So fun!

The party animals. Kennedy wanted to invite just about EVERYONE we knew. 20 kids was a little much but so fun!
Eating Cake
Rainbow Treasure Hunt!
Two hours after the Rainbow party we packed up and headed to the church to cook a dutch oven dinner for 150 people for the ward Pioneer Day party. Whew! Busy day!

4th of July Fun

Someone's excited!

Music in the Park. Downtown Plymouth

Kennedy in the fountain in downtown Plymouth. It was dyed purple if you can't tell.

I'd call him if my house was on fire!

Drive in Movie: Despicable Me 2

Plymouth Parade

My Patriotic Men

Greenfield Village!

Waiting for the Detroit Symphony  Orchestra to start. They were amazing!

Camping Trip to Lake Michigan