Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!

This is one of Tim's sisters.... I was able to hack into Rachel's blog so the IN-LAWS could post a little something about what we think of the birthday girl. Some answers are more of a jab at Tim than they are a compliment to Rach, but we hope you enjoy it anyway :) and just so you know, we answered these questions independently... no one read anyone else's answers before today.

1. In your opinion, what is the best contribution Rachel has made to our family?

LES- I think that Rachel has brought a willingness to do whatever it takes to be part of the family. She is always right there when something needs to be done and she is eager to try something new.

BEV- As Rachel's mother-in-law, I thank Rachel for marrying my son! She is such a good little wife, and I think they make a wonderful couple. Kennedy has learned some amazing things and is so happy. I'm sure little Abby (is that how you want to spell her name?) is very anxious to come join them!

GREG- The first thing that really caught my attention about Rachel was when she invited our family down to her parents house to ride horses and how she was so excited to have our kids ride them. Our kids absolutely loved it. She knew Nathaniel, Hannah, Jacob, and Morgan's names right off as well as all of the other Clawson grandkids that came down. I know she had to practice pretty hard to get everyone's names down that well. It really impressed me to see how well she did in relating to the kids and fitting right in with everyone and how much they all enjoyed riding the horses. I was also really impressed with how cordial her parents and siblings were and how fit her dad was--preparing for marathons etc.

LORI (and fam)- She helped Tim grow up and become a dad.

RANDY- In my opinion, the best contribution Rachel has made to the family was marring Tim. We were wondering, you know if that was ever gonna happen! No just kidding Tim. We just hate that you guys live so far away and its hard to see ya. One of my favorite things that I picked up from Rachel that was at her house when we were at the reception was a sign over one of the doors in their house that says "We do hard things". I have never forgot that quote and it has stuck with me since that time. Life often requires that we do hard things, and how we react to them changes us as people. I like that sign. Thanks for sharing it with us Rachel!

KRISTY- "She makes Tim very happy"
Bryson-- "She's so nice"
Cole--"She's better at sports than Tim"
Corah--"She shares her horses with us"
Addy--"She is always happy"

BRENT- She married Tim and then moved him far away.

DEBBIE- Rachel you are amazing! You are down to earth, happy, and never have a bad thing to say about another. Now that I thinking about you, I really am missing you!

AMY- Taking care of Timmy!

AARON- So far...Kennedy.

JANET- I think Rachel has brought ORDER to our family. or at least she has tried to organize our chaos. It can't be easy marrying into this crazy bunch. Rachel always has something fun (yet scheduled) for the kids and she stays calm and collected. Tim always wanted a wife who could handle lots of kids and Rachel is his dream woman!

DAVID- Horses. We've got enough people in our family from the back woods and from the South, but we only have Rachel who is a real cowgirl.

KATIE- I think the obvious answer is the red hair! We love cute red-headed babies.

TIM- She brought the TALENT that our family talent shows had always been lacking.

KEVIN- The best thing you have done for us, by far, is taking Tim off our hands. No one else can handle him. On behalf of the whole family, thank you for sacrificing your own sanity for eternity. Just kidding. One thing that I really love about you (and Tim) is that you are so unified. All of our siblings are unified with their spouses, but I love how well you and Tim get along. More than anyone else (from my point of view), you and Tim are so similar and on the same wave length. I really love watching you two together.

CINDY- Before we didn't have any vibrant, fiery red heads. (Even though some wished they had red hair). She adds a lot talent to our family.

2. What word or phrase best describes Rachel and why?

LES- Devoted - Whatever Rachel tries, she puts her wholeself into it. You can see that by how she loves Tim and Kennedy and they always come first.

BEV- Rachel is COMMITTED. She has a lot of energy and it seems to me, she just dives in and never looks back. "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well" is her motto. She worked full time (in a job that was draining) while she was trying to graduate, be pregnant with Kennedy, make a nice home for Tim, and help Tim get through school too. I've watched her play sports, lead the ward choir, bake whole wheat bread, cook dutch oven meals, decorate her home and run after Kennedy, plus serve in the Relief Society presidency, make time for exercise and play the piano. She made a gingerbread house (more like a church) & she showed much patience. When she was at our house for a big get-together, she was helping me in the kitchen, and kept asking what she could do next. Thank you, Rachel.

GREG-I was really impressed the first time she came to a family activity and beat all the guys in a free throw shooting contest and then 2 minutes later she was on the piano playing a pretty difficult song. I didn't know that she could do either one of them (I just knew she liked sports). She beat me at HORSE and has a really good outside shot but she definitely can't take me one on one--I'd just take her inside under the basket! Last April Fool's Day (2009) we called Rachel to let her know Annette was going to have a baby (I don't know which one of the kids talked to her). Well, Rachel didn't believe us and she called back to let us know that she was pregnant too (which she really wasn't). So which one is the better April Fool's joke--telling someone you're pregnant and really being pregnant or telling someone you are and you're really not? We love you Rachel--Annette says "Rachel is Great" (those are her exact words--I wouldn't want you to misquote me).

LORI (and fam)- fun. She loves to play with kids.

RANDY- Outgoing. Rachel seems to always be smiling when I see her. I guess when your spirit glows that much you cant help but to smile.

KRISTY-"Got it together girl"
Bryson- "Happy, Nice"
Cole- "Very Nice"
Corah- "Really Nice"

BRENT- "Oh my heck", because that is what she has been thinking ever since she married Tim.

DEBBIE- The word that comes to mind is competent. You seem to be able to do just about anything well.

AMY- Amazing! Rachel is the most well rounded chica I know...if you question why I would chose the word amazing, just hang out with her for a moment.

AARON- "Brilliant." Besides being smart, Rachel exudes optimism and positivity.

JANET- well-rounded. there isn't anything Rachel CAN'T do. She is crafty, sporty, musical, artistic, outgoing, mature, fun... you name it, Rachel can take it on (Proof: she married Timmy.)

DAVE- Organized. Not just the way you keep your house, but also the way that you think. It always seems like what you say and do is well thought out and put together.

KATIE- Loyal. I think this sums up Rachel. She is loyal to the church, Tim, her family, and herself.

TIM- PERFECT - being entirely without fault or defect; satisfying all requirements (defined by Websters, just in case you don't understand the word)

KEVIN- Talented - you are one of the most talented people I know. Is there anything you DON'T do? Fun - Even doing the dishes or sitting through a boring talk is fun with you.

CINDY- go-getter- She is a person of action, that is constantly working on new projects and goals. She's very determined.

3. If Rachel had $1000 to spend freely how do you think she would spend it?

LES- If Rachel had a $1000 she would probably buy Tim and Kennedy and me a nice gift and then save the rest for a rainy day. When she moves into their new house I think she will buy something nice for the backyard to let people relax and watch her beautiful garden grow. Love, Grandpa Les

BEV- I can see Rachel thinking this through and organizing her purchase. She would spend most of it decorating for their NEW HOUSE. She would take Tim on a date. She probably would enjoy buying BYU basketball uniforms for both her little girls. I love you! Have a wonderful birthday!!

GREG- Rachel would spend an extra $1000 on either food storage or plane tickets to Utah to visit her family! She would use it wisely however she spent it!

LORI (and fam)- a horse

RANDY- I think she would spend 1000 bucks on a short trip with their family somewhere close, like going to Niagra Falls and a few church sites along the way. Or maybe drive down to Georgia and see some family!!! We love you. Happy Birthday.

KRISTY- "She would buy camping gear"
Bryson- "She would go to Vegas and gamble with it all"
Cole- "She would travel"
Corah- "She would save it for her family"
Addy-"She would spend it on a trip to Georgia"

BRENT- She would most likely put it in the bank, however I think she should hit a night on the town and blow it on tips for the Chip N' Dales.

AMY- I think she would go on a trip to a place that had a little HISTORY. Or maybe on renovating her new crib. :) Happy Birthday, Miss Rachel! We all love you and wish you the best with your new house and new baby!

AARON- She would take Tim and Janet and me on a cruise to the Canary Islands...hint hint.

JANET- She already has her gorgeous piano.. maybe an outdoor basketball court? a vacation is fun, but where does it really get you in life? it just creates laziness and Rachel is anything but lazy.

DAVE- Lots of diapers.

KATIE- I am pretty positive that the money would go towards travel to Utah. We miss her and that would be my vote for the use of the money.

TIM- Miley Cyrus concert tickets and popcorn

KEVIN- She would spend most of it fixing up the basement for their new house. Then, after Tim would use his whiny voice to try to persuade her to buy something fun for him, she would buy lots of little things to squeeze every drop of usage out of what is left. That includes books - novels, European history textbooks and books about using the potty; maybe some sheet music; fabric for a new dress (and/or Halloween costume) for Kennedy; If there is any left over, and if Tim has been good, they might go out for ice cream. Love you, Rach.

CINDY- No doubt she'll use it wisely, getting the most she could out of it.

Thanks for staying with Tim even after you met us, Rachel. We love having you in our family! Hope you have a great birthday!

Monday, April 5, 2010

More Hunting

Here is Kennedy's Easter Egg Hunt at home. She got much faster at finding and bagging the eggs.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Feathered Friends

Kennedy's favorite part of the day is our afternoon walk to the lake. It sure is fun having a lake only a 5 minute walk away (we're gonna miss it). Our walk usually consists of running down the path to the lake (waving at every dog that passes our way), throwing rock into the lake (most of these rocks never clear the shore- we really got to work on her arm), and if we're lucky honking at the geese that swim by.
One day after our walk, we were going about our business at home when a strange noise came from the back porch. It seems Kennedy's friends followed us home for a visit. Kennedy was so excited and to this day checks the back porch at least 5 times a day to see if the "honk honks" are there.

Easter Egg Hunt: Year Two

So for those of you who remember our Easter egg hunt training and subsequent disappointing showing at the poorly organized Plymouth Easter Egg hunt (they ran out of eggs and Kennedy got squat), we are pleased to announce success in this year's endeavors.
After a bit more research, we found a great hunt in Plymouth that promised plenty of eggs. Armed with a gift bag as we must have tossed last year's basket, Kennedy set off to gather eggs amongst the chaos that is 0-3 year olds set lose after candy. We were very proud of our little hunter, despite her tendency to open and try to eat each candy before moving on to find another egg. (We'll train for this distraction for next year)
Here are some pictures from the exciting hunt.
Thanks to Tim for coming along after such a lame experience last year.

Align CenterFind it, grab it, bag it!

Checking out the loot.

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter today. The bunny made his rounds filling plastic eggs with all manner of tasty treats. Kennedy went crazy for the jelly beans both to play with and to eat. Tim has also engaged them as a teaching tool requiring her to say what color they are before eating them.
Besides the candy we also had a yummy dinner. Ham, funeral potatoes, and crescent rolls made for a delicious feast. Add a weekend of great conference talks and you get one fantastic Easter!
However, my favorite part of the day was dressing Kennedy up in her Easter dress. This dress is extra special for many reasons (other than being adorable) 1- It was sewn by my grandma (Kennedy's great-grandma). 2- It is made out of material saved by my grandma from my mom's wedding. It was the left over from the bridesmaid's aprons. 3- My mom sewed the slip to go underneath the dress. She made it extra fluffy to be like the dresses I loved to twirl around in when I was a kid. 4- Finally, I made the matching bow out of left over fabric sent by my grandma. I think it turned out pretty cute, even if it is huge. Quite the Easter dress! Four generations involved if you count the model (Kennedy).
You need to see the twirl to appreciate just how cute this dress is. Enjoy!