Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 2011

Are you in the Underwear Club? That is the question on everyone's lips the last few weeks in the Clawson home. Kennedy has called off her "potty strike" and is ready to give underwear another chance. I pretty much burned the diaper bridge by telling her diapers are for babies and only big girls get to wear cool underwear. I said underwear is so cool in fact that it has its own club. Kennedy has really bought into the whole club idea and is constantly asking family and friends if they are in the club too. As of March 1st, she has had two 100% successful days and the rest with only small accidents here and there. Go Kennedy!

We got two big snow storms in the month of February. The first resulted in a "snow day" for Tim which meant PJ's, sledding, and junk food. Oh yeah! The only thing the rest of the snow in February has been good for is a sore back (from shoveling the walks) and forced hibernation (we probably left the house less than 20 times the whole month!)

With all the sitting around the house going on in February, Abby has had plenty of time to work on her crawling. She is getting pretty good at moving backwards, but has yet to make much forward progress. With Kennedy chasing her around all day, I'm sure she'll figure it out soon, once those survival instincts kick in.

Kennedy and Abby are pretty good friends right now. Kennedy does love to poke, squish, hit, and carry her poor little sister more than I would like, but the two have their peacful moments as well. Currently, their favorite game involves Abby as the monster chasing Kennedy around the Kitchen-Living room-hall round about inside our house. Of course I have to assist our little monster in her relentless attack, but hey I need a workout too right?

Abby is growing up so quickly. In February she has:
  • Started to really eat solid foods. Her favorites are oats, pears, applesauce, carrots, and green beans. She hates peas and isn't a huge fan of peaches.
  • Discovered her toes and along with everything else she can get her hands on puts them right in her mouth.
  • Learned to play peek-a-boo. She will but her head on the floor or against my chest and then pop pack up when I say "peek-a-boo!" Adorable!
  • Grown a crop of crazy red-ish hair. Gotta love the baby fro!
February has also been a good month for Kennedy. Along with the all consuming Underwear Club she has also:
  • Loves to play with friends. Every night she wants to know if she can play with so-and-so tomorrow. She looks forward to each new play date and talks of little else until they show up!
  • She loves to dance and dress up in her crazy outfits. We don't have real dress-ups yet so she has resorted to swimsuits, Mommy's dresses and shoes, any and all ruffly skirts, bows clipped to everyday apparel, winter gear including scarfs and gloves, etc. I'm afraid she already has my flair for the theatrical.
Tim has stayed really busy with school and work, but still manages to find time to wrestle with the girls and take them out for a weekly daddy daughter date. This February he also served as the MC for the Ford Chinese Association's Chinese New Year Banquet. He did a great job and managed to stay calm despite the 300 plus crowd of FCA members and Ford executives. I think I was more nervous watching him than he was speaking, but he is such a cool character anyway so it's no surprise. Way to go Tim!

There are never many pictures
of the camera woman

As for me, well February has been a slow month. Not a whole lot going on. I did throw an awesome Valentine's dinner for Tim, but in the excitement of the evening forgot to take pictures. I made Tim a nice three course dinner with homemade faccacia bread (so amazing) mushroom basil soup, steak with a balsamic vinegear and red wine sauce, and the most delicious chocolate chip cookie cheesecake. The only hitch was when my wine sauce started to burn and set off the smoke alarm, but Tim said it only added a authentic smoky atmosphere to our dining experience.
I have also been coaching the YW basketball team and supervising a stake womens basketball league. Throw in a few piano lessons Saturday morning and it has made for a busy day. But I love it and am having tons of fun especially coaching. The girls have won two game now and are really looking good.

I don't think I will miss February much. We had some fun, but I am ready for warmer weather and new adventures. Here's to March!