Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joys of Parenthood

Before Kennedy, I used to see parent with their children and think, "Wow, I want that." As I reflect on those feelings now I realize how naive I was. I had no idea what they had and could never know unless I experienced it for myself. I saw that they were happy and I had heard them try to explain the complicated mix of ups and downs that parenthood is and speak with love and anger at the journey. I myself had played part in this drama in the role of a daughter, but even then I could only know my side and my feelings.
Now I am a mother and have begun to taste the fruits for myself. I have my moments when I feel like screaming or crying and my moments when its all I can do to keep from hugging my child to death. I laugh at her silly faces and kiss her tiny toes. I worry, I wake, I pray and I work. My life is more complicated now with car seats, feedings, diapers and nerves and yet infinitely simplified with love and family. Tim and I have come closer together and yet sometimes we barely see each other with her interrupting needs punctuating our short time alone. But at the end of the day there is joy. The joy I saw in the face of those women, but more than I could ever understand.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Mozart

Kennedy's new favorite playtime activity is tickling the ivories for hours on end. She is usually more intense than in this clip, but you get the idea. She also likes to sit and watch me play sometimes grabbing my fingers as they go by. She has also really started to babble and gets really into it while we "sing" and play. Move over Beethoven, Kennedy is in the house!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bouncing Baby Girl!

So, while Kennedy has not mastered the art of crawling yet, she does get where she wants to go by bouncing. It is hilarious to watch especially because her face is so focused. Enjoy!
Note: The noise you hear in the clip is a candy rapper that I am crinkling for Kennedy. Shiny wrappers are pretty much her favorite thing in the world.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Pictures

Tim took this picture one Sunday afternoon. He loves "scantily" clad babies. What a little cherub. I am afraid she already has my thunder thighs. Oh well, she's a cutie!
Here we are at the Plymouth Ice Festival. They had ice sculptors from all over the world competing. Some of the sculptures were huge and all were very cool... get it ice...cool...ha ha.
Here is my smiling girl showing off her curly hair. I can't believe how long it is getting. It looks like its going to to red as well. Poor kid.
For Valentine's Day I surprised Tim with a candlelight dinner. Kennedy helped out by sleeping most of the night and looking adorable in her V-day dress. Note: This dress used to be mine when I was a baby. Thanks mom for saving it.

Snap Shots of Our Life

So my computer is finally up and working so I decide to start posting again with a few pictures from our Christmas trip to Utah and Tim's b-day.

Here is Kennedy on Christmas morning enjoying the delights of her stocking. She was such a riot with her Santa hat on. Man, what did we ever do without her?
Here is Kennedy with Brandon and Kellie's boy Bennett . They were so cute together. This pic reminds me of an old married couple. Here is Kennedy with her dad at the Clawson's house. She looks like Cindy-loo-who to me from the Grinch. What a crazy kid.
Her is Kennedy as the snow queen. We wanted to play in the snow and so Jared made Kennedy a snow throne to relax on while her crazy parents played a rousing game of fox and geese.
This is a picture from Tim's birthday party. He wanted cafe rio pork so I decided to surprise him with a whole Mexico/ beach themed night. It was fun to break out the swim towels when it is below freezing outside.

Kennedy's Tour

Here is a video of Kennedy's room. I have been meaning to post it for while, but hey better late than never. Note: She was a little grumpy during the filming of this movie.